"Heaven goes by favor.  If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in."

                       Mark Twain

About The Kennel

  • Cuddle time on the dog couch is so nice.
  • Belly rubs are frequent and absolutely free.
  • The cookies are really good.
  • You can bring favorite toys from home.
  • Your dog will make lots of new friends .

  My Favorite Quote

Save a life. Adopt a shelter dog.

 Why This is the Best Kennel Ever


Patriot Boarding Kennels opened in 1997.  My one desire was to create a small, inviting, home-like space for dogs to come to stay while their owners are away.  Your dog will have a  comfortable kennel with a deck, blanket and a safe chew bone. High quality dog food satisfies every appetite.  Soft lighting and classical music helps create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Outside playtimes happen three times a day.  Each dog has its own play area so no one ever has to worry about aggressive or naughty playmates.  There are also beautifully landscaped walking trails for the more adventurous guests.  It is a very entertaining place.


Patriot Boarding Kennels